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My name is Konstantinos Iordanidis-Garbes and i live with my family in Marsberg, a quiet town in Germany.

I am from Epanomi in Greece, a not so quiet village full of inspiration which i also lived for many years.

I studied 3d design / computer animation in the private "Ruhr~akademie" in Schwerte (Germany)
and have a great job as 3d game designer which makes me very happy, happy to be creative.
I drawed as kid on paper and on canvas with acrylic colors, because my soul needed the freedom of seeing what i created in my own world.   

A big part of my life is also the production of my own music, i used as teenager tape recorders for my own atmospheres and combined them to achieve my goals.. The idea of own music were since my childhood allways in my mind.

I am dj K.I.R. an 3d-artist & musician

dj K.I.R.
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